Historical Lane of Kassim Mustafa

Restoran Nasi Dalcha Kassim Mustafa,. a household name in Penang today which was established and incorporated in the early 1980’s was created to provide traditional Indian Muslim Cuisine for its customers from all walks of life, for both amateurs and professionals. Customers who patronize Kassim Mustafa outlets today will have a golden opportunity to experience exciting Authentic traditional Indian Muslim Cuisine whereby customers will be able to tantalize their taste buds with the exquisite flavors of sumptuous Indian Muslim Curries. Eatables that will make customers forget that they are on diet.

The said Restaurant before it became a house hold name in Penang today started its humble business along the corners of King street in the year 1980. At that time the sole proprietor of the said business today Encik Salim @ Saleem Bin Manshoor (PJM) who is also the managing director of the organization was an assistant to his uncle so called Kassim Mustafa. There they formed a small food stall popularly known at that time as “Gerai Nasi Dhalca” along King Street, Penang.

The said food stall at that time was opened daily from 11.30am Morning until 1.00am Midnight in the morning to cater for those early birds who where working in offices and other organization and later the said uncle of his employed another assistant to assist them as the business was prospering. Kassim as time went on left Malaysia and decided to migrate to India for good and left his food stall business to Salim (who is the managing director of the said organization today).

The said Salim who was in his 20’s was determined to make his food business a true success and indeed he did achieve his ambition with great pride. Today Master Salim Manshoor heads a group of dedicated team responsible for one of the best Indian Muslim food portals which is a one-stop shop for complete traditional Indian Muslim Cuisine, food service facilities for both amateurs and professionals. With years of training and experience under his uncle’s hand, the said Kassim Mustafa in the food industry, he ably guides them through the finer nuances of this field.

Well it has always been Salim Manshoors’s dream to make Traditional Indian Muslim food the most popular food worldwide. And going by the attention he is drawing, his dream may be fulfilled sooner than he expects. Master Salim Manshoor story is a true recipe for success. Born in September 1965, he began his quest for culinary greatness after completing his tertiary education at St. Xavier’s Intuition in Penang. Not one to rest on his laurels, in 1987 Salim Manshoor again began his quest to lease a first shop lot outlet with a proper dining facility. Master Salim Manshoor on his own accord also created a secret recipe known as “Black Roasted Chicken” (Ayam Negro) which contains traditional Indian Muslim herbs and spices from different parts of India and Java. Today, at Kassim Mustafa a vast spectrum of flavors is created by the judicious and inventive use of spice resulting in a renowned and truly delicious Indian Muslim Cuisine.

Later in the year 1997 at the age of 32 a successful and confident Salim purchased his own outlet through his own effort whereby he purchased three (3) shop lots which carries on business for 14 hours a day. His main outlet which is at No.12, Chulia Street, 10300 Penang, caters the famous “Nasi Dhalca” which is today a family household name in Penang. Perhaps the most elaborate dishes which comes from the North, which were inherited from the Moguls, who invaded India from Persia in the sixteenth century are also found in Kassim. Many Moghlai dishes such as biryanis (rice and meat creations), which are rich and lavish due to ingredients used, kebabs and tandoori dishes, which are cooked in a special clay oven, called a tandoor are also daily specialties in Kassim Mustafa.

Well to most people in Penang and other places he is known to be a very humble person though he has achieved his ambition successfully. However, again Salim not one to rest on his laurels is deciding to launch a multimedia CD-ROM on Traditional Indian Muslim foods and International Cuisines. Backed by a competent team of professionals from the hospitality industry, dietetics and press media, which makes a complete family, Salim Manshoor has a very flat organizational set up. The team has been responsible for conducting research on Indian Muslim Food.

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